VoIP Intercom Module

STENTOFON TKIS-2. VoIP Intercom Module with 10 w built in amplifier.

Make your own 10W IP speaker or intercom station. Being highly customizable this intercom module can cover your need for VoIP/CCoIP anywhere. Use it as part of a Parking solution, cash point or help point.

The top complaint about voice audio in the security industry is how poor audio quality affects everything, from providing a more secure environment, to critical mistakes and inefficiencies due to inadequate communications. However, this intercom module kit offers HD audio quality for indoor and outdoor environments, and it can, for example, be used as a communication solution for vehicle entry, exit gates, pay-on-foot machines and emergency help points in parking facilities. Plus, to improve audio quality, it features active noise cancellation, automatic volume adjustment and a 10W Class D amplifier.

The STENTOFON VoIP Intercom Module utilizes the latest technology to create unparalleled audio quality. Some of the many features include: HD voice quality, Open Duplex, Active Noise Cancellation, Automatic Volume Adjustment, MEMS microphone support, and a 10W Class D amplifier. These features, in conjunction with STENTOFON’s 65+ years of experience with acoustic technology are only a few of the many factors that make our audio quality second to none.


  • STENTOFON Audio Presence - crystal clear audio
  • DIN-rail mountable, clips included
  • Add VoIP/CCoIP to your parking solution, cash point, vending machine, et al
  • Build your own IP Intercom station or help point
  • Make your own 10W IP Speaker
  • Control relay and I/Os over IP
  • Supports AlphaCom, Pulse and SIP (for use with any IPBX)
  • Supports a wide set of IP networking standards
  • Remote software upgrade, configuration and monitoring
  • Powered from the IP network cable using Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Advanced audio technology like automatic gain and volume adjustment, background noise cancellation, open duplex, etc.

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