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Hear, be heard, and be understood

The most basic, yet profound, need for any organization is clear communication. We define the term “critical” as any situation where the need to hear, be heard, and be understood, is paramount.

We have developed revolutionary IP Audio and VoIP Solutions, for emergency communications, IP Video Door Intercom, public address, and mass notification.

 We deliver these solutions based on the single most important criteria: Intelligibility; the ability to hear, be heard and, most importantly, be understood.

Retrofit your existing installation

Intelligible Communication

Intelligible Communication is the combined result of three key elements: Hardware, Software and Mechanics. Miss one and your sound quality may be compromised.

When you are able to see, hear and interact from virtually anywhere you are able to be more efficient with your resources; You are able to do more with less so you can meet the increasing demand for your services while staying within budget requirements.

What is Pulse?

Vingtor-Stentofon Pulse is a SIP based intercom system. 

Easy, Flexible, Intelligible.

Zenitel Pulse Technology

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Jim Hoffpauir

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