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Education: Where Communication is Critical

More than ever, Campus & School Communication Systems must provide crystal clear communications. At Zenitel we call this “Intelligibility”; the ability to hear, be heard, and be understood under any circumstance or environmental situation.

We address this greatest need through our revolutionary IP Campus Communication solutions including IP Video Door Intercom, IP Public Address and IP Mass Notification.

Dealing with today's challenges

Mini Intercom TMIS-1 When you choose to invest in a communication system, you want to get as much out of your investment as you possibly can. We make this possible by offering a highly scalable platform that deals with both your operationonal and your critical communication challenges.

In today’s world, there is no question that there must be a combination of technology and trained personnel to make our educational facilities a better and more secure place for staff and students. Educators and administrators must be well versed with proper security procedures and know their roles during a security breach or attack.

 Security technology is a crucial element when used effectively with proper staff training. Installing systems such as CCTV, intercoms, and access control allow security personnel to see and hear what’s happening, control access and provide a safer environment for everyone. 

Administrative tool to crisis management system

In recent years, we’ve seen a shift and increase in the need for effective intercom, PA and mass notification in major schools, colleges and universities. In the past, intercom was primarily utilized for everyday administrative tasks and general communication.


Now, with devastating shootings and an increase in violence around the globe, threat assessment is a determining factor in enhanced security deployment. Today, communication solutions used on educational premises have to meet the criteria for countering critical life and property threats.

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Vingtor-Stentofon EDUCATION FACILITIES SOLUTION Solution Sheet 3.08 MB File icon Download
Vingtor-Stentofon SCHOOLS & KINDERGARTENS SOLUTION Solution Sheet 1.95 MB File icon Download
Vingtor-Stentofon COLLEGES-UNIVERSITIES SOLUTION Solution Sheet 1.91 MB File icon Download
Solution | Intercom

Information & Help Points

Solution | Other


Solution | Public Address

Public Address for Building Security

Key Products

  • ITSV-1 IP Touch Station with Video

    IP Touch Station with Video

  • school intercom

    Vandal-Resistant IP Intercom for Schools with Alarm Button

  • 1008113020
    Analog over IP Intercom
  • 1008111030
    IP and SIP Intercom
  • TKIS-2 VoIP Intercom Module picture
    VoIP Intercom Module
  • ELSIR-10C

    Network Ceiling Loudspeaker, 10W, Ethernet

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