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Retrofit your existing installation


Expand the lifetime of your existing system

Unlike many other communication systems on the market, the legacy systems from Zenitel can still be used for many more years to come. Our Alphacom XE server technology is backwards compatible to almost the entire Zenitel legacy range.

Our previous generations of AlphaCom servers can be fully upgraded to the latest XE version. We strongly advice our customers to make to improve the overall system performs and up-time, which is very important for critical communication.Other brands such as M100 or Ringmaster can fully integrate with AlphaCom allowing you to gently migrate from one system to a new and modern platform.

Upgrade to Alphacom XE and get access to the latest technology

The new Alphacom XE technology transforms an older system into the most advanced intercom system on the market.

  • IP ready: Keep your existing analog intercoms, but make it IP ready for future expansions and replacements. AlphaCom XE supports both IP and Analog technology.
  • Integration: Integrate with almost any system on the market including CCTV, access control, building management systems and many others to create a total security solution.
  • More Features: The latest Alphacom XE technology offers more advanced features than most legacy systems, thanks to IP Technology
  • Easy Maintenance: IP Technology makes maintenance easier through online monitoring, remote upgrades and support etc…

If you have questions relating to Retrofit of Vingtor-Stentofon Systems and equipment, do not hesitate to contact us at: retrofit[at]zenitel[dot]com

Old exchanges are replaced with the following new ones


  • 1008113020
    Analog over IP Intercom
  • Flowire Ethernet Converter.picture

     Flowire Ethernet Converter - DC Voltage

  • TKIA-2 picture

    Analog over IP Gateway

  • Flowire Ethernet Converter - non-PoE.picture

     Flowire Ethernet Converter - non-PoE