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5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Zenitel at ISC West 2023

We're counting down the days to see you at ISC West, from March 29-31 in Las Vegas.

Five Ways Intercoms Can Secure Prisons & Detention Centers

Prisons and detention centers demand a reliable and high-quality communication system that is available around the clock.

Don’t miss visiting us at India's largest integrated event on Traffic, Transport & new Mobility

We're counting down the days to show you our Intelligent Critial Communication Solutions at TrafficInfraTech Expo, from November 16-18 in Mumbai, India.
Avigilon integration

Better Together: Zenitel and Avigilon

At Zenitel, we believe in the power of product integrations. When people work together for a common goal, often, things can be achieved for a greater...
PSA Security Blog Zenitel

10 Questions to Ask Before Selecting an IP Intercom Solution

Today’s enterprise security systems need access control, video surveillance, and IP Intercom solutions working together to mitigate security risks. But not all intercom solutions are created...
Return on Investment with Security

How Audio Adds ROI to Security Programs

The concept of ROI is simple. You invest time, money, and/or resources into the right security solutions to mitigate security and safety risks.

Protecting a College Campus with a Communications 'Umbrella'

How important is sound? Hearing sound every day enables us to connect to people and to the world.

Cybersecurity in Safety and Security - What is Zenitel’s approach to Cybersecurity?

What is Zenitel’s approach to cybersecurity?
AI in Safety and Security

AI in Safety and Security: Where it has been and where it is going

We are in an exciting time in our industry, where artificial intelligence (AI) technology continues to radically change how we work and live.
Software House

Better Together: Zenitel and Software House

Intelligent communication solutions play a critical role in security and everyday building operations, leading to budget optimization, situational awareness, timely response, and resilience.

2022 - Technology Trends: Digital Twin - potential game changer for safety & security Industry

Zenitel CTO Thomas Hægh shares his reflections towards this important emerging trend while in talk with Americas Marketing Director Diane Ritchey.
Zenitel's Turbine Mini with Video

Meet our Turbine Mini with Video

In some societies, everything is big. Houses, cars, buildings, gifts, even the amount of food that is served at restaurants. Bigger is better, the saying goes.