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1Distribute Anywhere

Our IP based PA system, EXIGO, has a true distributed architecture.

With EXIGO, you can distribute any device on the IP network; Controllers, Amplifiers, Alarm/Mic/Access Panels, I/O devices.

With intelligent I/O devices you can bridge the past & the future of your communication system.

2Less Equipment

Ethernet interface between distributed EXIGO units. No need for gateways or fiber-optic convertors between nodes.

If the infrastructure is fiber-optic, we simply use a standard networking device with fiber-optic interfaces. With multiple modes and dynamic functionality, the same device can fill several functions, further reducing the need for equipment in large scale installations.

3Easy Configuration

You program and configure EXIGO using our Exigo Management Tool (EMT).

Drag-and-drop functionality, an intuitive graphical workflow and numerous common and advanced functions available out-of-the-box gives you freedom without sacrificing efficiency or maintainability.

4Integration using Open Standards

We believe in intelligent communication. Exigo is designed for seamless operation in a 360° security solution. Exigo can easily be interfaced with other equipment. Both IP (SIP) or Audio-In/Out with Inputs/Outputs (I/O).

I/O-devices can also be distributed over the network to link several legacy systems to one integrated PA system. The use of open and industry accepted standards (like SIP, SNMP, Syslog, OPC) is our way of ensuring forward compatibility and cross platform integration, protecting your investment. 


System expansion is easy and virtually unlimited as all devices such as amplifiers, controllers and intercom stations can be simply added by connecting to the network and configuring it via the Exigo Management Tool.

Systems can integrate across buildings, sites and even vessels if necessary. We believe limited scalability a thing of the past, and Exigo is designed for the future.

6Seamless Redundancy

System controllers and access panels natively support hot stand-by functionality and full A/B redundancy.

Exigo can also be configured with back-up amplifiers that offer increased availability where A/B-systems are not required. Any controller will back up the other immediately if one of them fails, and amplifiers and loudspeakers will work without interruption.

7Complies with International Rules and Regulations

Exigo fits into the most demanding systems in the world, and it carries the certification to prove it. Exigo is DNV-GL, ABS and EN54 type approved, including IECEX/ATEX certified. The system is accompanied by a range of devices, from control-room panels to field equipment for the harshest environments like industrial/maritime and hazardous areas (EX Zone1 IIC). Other special applications include on-board rail with EN60155 certificates for selected components.

8Advanced Monitoring

All Exigo devices support advanced monitoring of everything from microphones and network connections to temperatures and fan-speeds. Amplifiers also have advanced capabilities for monitoring speaker loop integrity.

Out-of-the-box shorts, ground faults and large load changes are detected.  Adding intelligent line end transponders, you can achieve even more detailed fault reporting at up to 10 individual points along the speaker line.

9Remote Management

Exigo does real-time remote monitoring of all the components in the system either via our own console or SNMP Network Management System, providing a complete overview of the system’s health and capabilities.

This in turn allows you to evaluate, order spares and schedule maintenance, which reduces costs and minimizes downtime. With EMT system maintenance, reconfiguration or simply control/verification of the config can be done from anywhere in the world.