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The Zenitel Group

Communication is critical in all areas of business, therefore our expertise is focused on providing intelligent communication solutions that allow you to hear, be heard and be understood, every time.  Zenitel systems interface with other security systems including CCTV, access control and alarm for a comprehensive security solution.

Our primary system offering is within Public Address, Intercom and Radio. Our key markets include: Building Security, Public Safety, Transportation, Industrial Manufacturing, Energy and Maritime.

Zenitel has a strong presence in both the onshore and offshore secure communications market through Vingtor-Stentofon, Phontech and ASL. These brands are recognized globally for offering advanced offshore and onshore communication systems.

Integrated and Intelligible Communications

Zenitel provides integrated security communications for environments where life, property and assets are at stake. Our vision is to become a world leading provider of Intelligent Critical Communication Solutions. Therefore, we are committed to continuously improve our customers' experience .

Our solutions provide high availability, scalability, reliability, maintainability, and cyberdefensibility. By reducing hardware to a minimum, and keeping the benefits of centralized server management, organizations have more flexibility in scale and performance.

We keep people safe, by enabling everyone to hear, be heard and understood - every time and everywhere.

Our History

Environmental Policy

Zenitel is an ISO 14001 certified company. An ISO 14001 environmental management system is a systematic and process driven approach to controlling those aspects of your business that have a significant impact on the environment. The system is proven to make business owners and managers be more aware of their environmental responsibilities, including legal and regulatory accountabilities, and being able to manage and control the associated risks.

Zenitel complies with the European WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) directive for environmental conservation, ensuring that discarded equipment is recycled appropriately. Zenitel is focused on a better and cleaner environment and is committed to the goals of the RoHS (Restriction on use of Hazardous Substances) directive ensuring all products meet applicable requirements.

Zenitel Norway complies with the REACH European Directive N 1907/2006 related to the registration, evaluation and authorization of chemicals to protect human life and the environment. Manufacturers and importers are required to submit information on the properties of their chemical substances to allow for safe handling and registration. REACH Regulation also calls for the progressive substitution of dangerous chemicals when suitable alternatives are available.

Globally, suppliers, distributors and customers are encouraged to conduct business in an environmentally responsible manner. Zenitel Marine complies with the IMO resolution A.962 Clean Design/Green Passport by documenting all materials in a vessel’s construction that may be hazardous to humans or the environment.


"The world leading provider of intelligent critical communication solutions"


"To keep people safe, by enabling everyone to hear, be heard and be understood - every time and everywhere.

We are committed to continuously improving our operations and  enhancing our partners’ and customers’ experience.»

Core Values


  • We put quality and reliability first.
  • We are committed to personal excellence, high competence and continued improvement.
  • We seek clear and efficient processes and solutions that create sustainable value to our customers, our partners and our communities.


  • We aspire to build trust through open, honest and constructive communication. ​
  • ​We listen and share knowledge to develop ourselves, our customers and our partners, and to innovate our products, solutions and processes.​
  • ​We are open and seek integrated solutions, by building strong long-term technology and business relationships.​


  • We go the extra mile, committed in heart and mind - for our colleagues, our customers, our partners, and our technology.​
  • ​We constantly push ourselves to be at our best, focus on finding solutions, and want to make a difference  - because we are passionate about what we do. ​
  • ​We involve each other, respecting, appreciating and leveraging our diversity. Through collaboration, we build the Zenitel team spirit.​