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Asacom is phased out

We have now phased out of the manufacturing of the ASA-101 onboard telephone system which have served many thousand clients well since the mid 80’s.

We will from now on focus on our ACM IP based telephone system.

If you have these system, we can offer you a retrofit of the complete system to a state of the art ACM containing the same functionality and necessary approvals. 

We have the technology to reuse the existing cable network, in order to significantly reduce the installation costs.

For more information contact: retrofit[at]zenitel[dot]com

The telephone system ASA-101 has been manufactured under a range of names:

  • Ericsson Asa-101 – Avf-414
  • Teleste Asa-101
  • Ring Marine Asa-101
  • Stento Asa-101
  • Steenhans Asa-101

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