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Cybersecurity for safe and sound systems

Cyberdefense for safer, more stable systems

Network access gives your staff and company many benefits. However, the more access that you provide, the greater the danger that someone will exploit the increased security vulnerabilities. A strong cyberdefense is the key to ensuring a safer, more stable and more resilient cyber environment.

Commitment to strong cyberdefense

Zenitel's long-standing commitment to cybersecurity means that we design each of our solutions with defensibility in mind. Our integrated, type-approved and certified products and systems for Communication, Data, Safety and Entertainment have earned the reputation as the most flexible, reliable and advanced available.

We provide regular product security updates as needed and alert our customers to any recently addressed risks via technical bulletins. Because we have control of our software and hardware products, we can better guard against cyber threats. When issues do arise, we provide responsive support.

We know that strong cybersecurity controls are essential to keeping your communications systems safer and reliably operational. This is why we want to increase awareness of the risks - and the steps you can take to protect them from harm.

Learn more about Zenitel's commitment to cybersecurity here.

Meeting cybersecurity risks head on

Every new system, application or network service added comes with potential security vulnerabilities, making cyberprotection increasingly more difficult and complex. By confronting the serious network security risks pragmatically, you can reap the benefits while minimizing security risks.

To accomplish this, you need a solid cybersecurity plan and the resources to execute it. Handling cybersecurity risk reduction up front typically takes less resources than having to clean up after avoidable cyber attacks.

Defending against cyber attacks

Zenitel is a CIS SecureSuite MemberZenitel is proud to be a member of CIS® (The Center for Internet Security®), a non-profit organization devoted to safeguarding private and public organizations against cyber threats.

CIS has developed the CIS Critical Security Controls for Effective Cyber Defense Version 6.1 as a tool for defining best practices and protection mechanisms to prevent or reduce the impact of cyberattacks.

The CIS Controls are a prioritized list and highly focused set of actions you can follow to protect and defend your company against cyberthreats. These controls have been developed after studying actual attacks and effective defenses.

CIS defines CIS Controls 1 through 5 as ‘Foundational Cyber Hygiene’ - the five basic actions essential for a strong cyberdefense foundation.

Based on best practices, you should be able to answer these questions:

  • What is connected to our systems and networks (CIS Control 1)?
  • What software is running (or try to run) on our systems and network (CIS Control 2)?
  • Are we continuously managing our systems using ‘known good’ configurations (CIS Control 3)?
  • Are we continuously looking for and managing ‘known good’ configurations (CIS Control 4)?
  • Do we limit and track the people who have administrative privileges to change and bypass, or override our security settings (CIS Control 5)?

Of course, the CIS Controls are not a one-size-fits all solution. You need to consider and understand what is critical for your company and the system and solutions you use. From there you can plan, implement, and manage your cybersecurity defense.