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AlphaCom XE server system
"We’ve kept IP security at the forefront for 11 years and, in 2010 we were the first IP intercom vendor to implement IEEE 802.1X network access control."
Cybersecurity Leadership
Thomas Hægh, Chief Technology Officer
Thomas Hægh - CTO Zenitel
The Zenitel Cybersecurity Hardening Guide is based on the CIS® Controls.
It combines our experience applying the best practices developed by CIS to support end users and integrators to build a good cyber defense.

Cybersecurity: Keeping communication systems safe and operational

Network access gives your staff and company many benefits. However, the more access that you provide, the greater the danger that someone will exploit the increased security vulnerabilities.

Cybersecurity is the key to ensuring a safe, stable and resilient cyber environment.

Meeting cybersecurity risks head on

Every new system, application or network service added comes with potential security vulnerabilities, making cyber protection increasingly more difficult and complex.

By confronting the serious network security risks pragmatically, you can reap the benefits while minimizing security risks.

To accomplish this, you need a solid cybersecurity plan and the resources to execute it. Handling cybersecurity risk reduction up front typically takes less resources than having to clean up after avoidable cyber-attacks.