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«A state of the art PA system is a paramount thing in our safety readiness. I’m looking forward to use the EXIGO PA system»
Flemming Langballe, Captain
Flemming Langballe - DFDS Captain
Exigo Control room picture 2
The world's first EXIGO installation on a sailing vessel took place on DFDS Crown Seaways.
Rolling Stock Video Available

EXIGO Configurations

The Exigo advanced IP PA system is configured with the Exigo Management Tool (EMT).

This tool is a modern, easy to use configuration tool which enables easy configuration of the system with drag and drop feature.

Supporting Windows 7, 8 and 10 allows for a use with all modern mainline operating systems.

Through EMT it is possible to:

  • Browse to all the projects available
  • Generate backup of the projects or restore the project
  • Add zones to the system
  • Add devices to the system
  • Assign amplifiers to the system
  • Get an easy overview of the components used in the system
  • Change the names of zones
  • Add functions to control inputs and buttons
  • Assign priority and destination of actions

For functional illustrations please see the below sections (click to open/collapse). 

EN54-16 cretification and Exigo

Some Features

  • IP-based PA system with networked components
  • PA and VA, certified for EN54 applications
  • Full monitoring of system components, access panels & speaker loops
  • Full monitoring of all devices with SNMP and Syslog
  • Supports 250 PA zones
  • Integration with IPBX & fire alarm

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