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«A state of the art PA system is a paramount thing in our safety readiness. I’m looking forward to use the EXIGO PA system»
Flemming Langballe, Captain
Flemming Langballe - DFDS Captain
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The world's first EXIGO installation on a sailing vessel took place on DFDS Crown Seaways.
Rolling Stock Video Available

EXIGO Functions

Exigo is designed to meet the requirements of a wide variety of applications. To be able to solve the needs of the operators a set of functions have been made which ensures that the operator is able to control the PA system at all times.

Input functions can be assigned any button or control input in the system and can control activities in any part of the system. Output functions can be assigned to any control output in the system and will trigger based on the activity in the system.

PA functions

The Exigo Advanced IP based PAGA system is designed to solve all the operational requirements for a PA system used for PA, GA, EVAC or similar. To ensure this a wide variety of audio announcement functions and supporting functions are supported:

  • Alarm control: Control the audio alarms in the system.
  • Audio program control: Control the background music or analog audio routing path from any line input to one or more zones of the system.
  • Live speech: Activate a live announcement from a call panel to one or more zones in the system. This function can be preceded by any chime and have any priority of the system. One call access panel is capable
  • Message control: Trigger a pre-recorded message to any zone. With a selectable priority, this can be used both to trigger emergency messages and to trigger a low priority information message.
  • Recall, record and Recall, control: Record a message on the fly from a call panel and check it before dispatching it to a zone.
  • Zone select: Select which zone an announcement should be sent too. This can be used before triggering any function such as live speech or message control too dynamically select the zone, which should receive it.
  • Call escalation: Change the operation of any function in the system. Change chime, priority or even which zones a push to talk button will activate.
  • Local mute control: This will manually trigger muting relays used on speakers in control rooms. A typical use case for this is to mute the speakers in control rooms and bridges during alarm situations. When the alarm situation is over the mute relay will go back to the idle position.

1. Assigning an audio activity function to a control output

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