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Key Features

Superior Audio Quality

Your ability to hear, be heard and be understood in any situation is essential. IC-EDGE™ systems are used in the world’s most demanding and challenging environments, due to their unrivaled sound and audio quality.


IC-EDGE™ offers seamless integration with leading risk, resilience and security solutions by adopting open standards and out-of-the-box connectivity and cloud connectivity.


Our solutions comply with stringent IT requirements for mission-critical systems. They are not only highly available, reliable, scalable and maintainable, but also provide adequate defense from outside threats and attacks.

Easy to Deploy & Operate

By embedding server capabilities in IC-EDGE™, we make your job of configuring & maintaining the system a lot easier. It also allows us to add functionality that might otherwise be too cumbersome to set up.


Your communication needs can change and grow over time. IC-EDGE™ is highly scalable, robustly able to meet both your current and future needs.

Key Products

Turbine Extended IP Kit

ISC West 2017 TKIE-2 - picture

This little box allows you to build your own dedicated intercom station.

It is also very popular as a VoIP Interface to analog Public Address and Radio Systems.

The kit has two ethernet ports, so you can daisy chain it to another IP device to reduce cabling costs.

IP Horn Loudspeaker

We have been offering IP PoE speakers for more than 7 years.

Our latest generation of Exigo Horn speakers uses the same technology as our Turbine stations.

All providing excellent audio using a 10W Class D Amplifier.

IP & SIP Video Intercom

The TCIV+ Turbine Compact Video Intercom combines the unrivaled high-quality audio of Zenitel’s Turbine Compact Series with exceptional video.

The TCIV+ Turbine provide a communication solution for any situation and allowing seamless integration with other security systems.

IP Touch Station with Video


The ITSV-3 is a powerful desktop video phone.

It features Android 7.0, a 7” touch screen, real-time HD video telephony, built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and more.

The ITSV-3 delivers SIP telephony features and out-of-the-box integration with our IC-EDGE and ICX-AlphaCom IP Intercom Platforms.

ECPIR-3P Turbine Intercom

Exigo Call Panel Picture

The ECPIR-3P is an access panel and intercom station.

It is developed for console mounting and used  among others IC-Edge or ICX-AlphaCom systems.

The simple, yet smart design makes this unit ideal for very cost-efficient IP Public Address Systems.

ECPIR-3P offers 3 pre-programmable buttons and a PTT button.