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Zenitel Systems on board the Bastø Fosen ferries

Maritime communication system expert

Maritime history Picture W300We have offered integrated, type-approved and certified systems for Critical Communication, Data, Safety and Entertainment for more than 70 years.

Thus  we have gained the reputation as a supplier of the most flexible, reliable and advanced Maritime Communication Systems available.

Our extensive worldwide distribution network comprises our head office in Horten, Norway and sales and service offices in 12 different countries.

We have more than 90 highly qualified engineers around the world ready to serve your needs.

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Our History

The history of Zenitel dates back to 1901, when a group of Belgian entrepreneurs founded C.T.S.F. , Compagnie Générale de Télégraphie sans Fil.

Following World War II, the company (then named S.A.I.T. Electronics, Société Anonyme Internationale de Télégraphie), entered into various collaboration agreements with other companies including Radio Holland N.V. and Norsk Marconikompagnie A/S.

In 1992, the successful partnership with Radio Holland led to a takeover and SAIT Electronics began trading under the name SAIT-RadioHolland. 1997 brought a merger with another Norwegian company, Stentofon, likewise active in the internal communication systems sector.

Stentofon began life in 1946 as Stentor Radiofabrikk. Also in 1997, Stentofon AS merged with another Norwegian supplier of internal communication systems and provider of PMR-systems, RingCom AS, itself the result of a merger between Ring-Master and Noracom. Ring Marine AB with Ericsson Marine and Teleste Marine also joined the group. The Stentofon and RingCom amalgamation was called Stento ASA.

In 1988, after eight years of fruitful cooperation with Vingmed AS, Stento acquired the company VINGTOR Marine and became sole owner. Vingtor took over Steenhans in 1998, which also included the company Steenhans bought in 1995, Phonico.

Ring-Master and Noracom both had close business relations with Motorola, and Stento eventually became the main distributor for Motorola in all of the Nordic countries. Stento quickly expanded through a number of acquisitions, amongst which were the acquisition of Philips Intercom and Nursecall.

In May 2000, a decision was taken on a merger between Stento ASA and the reorganized SAIT-RadioHolland. In 2001, Zenitel celebrated its one hundredth anniversary, changed its corporate identity and name to Zenitel. Vingtor-Stentofon is a product brand owned by the Zenitel Group and is the result of merging the two product brands formerly known as Vingtor and Stentofon into one in 2014.

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Dragan Radosevic

Dragan Radosevic

Market Responsible
+385 51 291910

Bk Teo

BK Teo

Market Responsible Asia
+65 9625 8103

Key Products

  • Flowire Ethernet Converter.picture

     Flowire Ethernet Converter - DC Voltage

  • Vss-V2

    VSS Master Panel - V2

  • Exigo System Controller

    Exigo System Controller

  • Exigo Call Panel Picture

    Exigo Call Panel, PTT Button and 3 buttons

  • VSP-212 M-L

    Main Station Panel Mounted with Relay 20-Way

  • IP Flush Master Station

    IP Flush Master Station

  • IP Desktop Master Station

    Display and Handset

  • IPTV Server 6020

    IPTV main server with configuration, 8x DVB-S/S2/T/T2/C+8x CI slots

  • TFIE-1

    IP and SIP Intercom