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Get your messages across in all situations and in all environments

ASL Public Address and Voice Alarm solutions by Zenitel empower your security teams to deliver messages and alerts for any situation, in any environment.

Combining high-performance audio with modular design, built-in redundancy and great flexibility our Public Address and Voice Alarm solutions promise to help you lower operational costs while delivering scalability. It’s an obvious selection for those looking for an efficient and sustainable safety and security solution for their facility.

  • Keep everyone informed

  • Protect your facility

  • Protect people

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Key benefits

A high-quality and proven solution

Zenitel is recognized globally as a quality provider of critical communications solutions . You can incorporate this Public Address and Voice Alarm solution into your facility with a confidence that it will deliver what it is designed for, every time and in all situations. Even more, the solution has already been deployed and is operational in many global and demanding environments with great customer feedback.

Exceptional audio performance

Our solution comes with advanced audio-processing capabilities to deliver crystal clear, highly intelligible audio for messages and background music in all types of environments, whether it is a noisy stadium, a bustling railway station, a busy shopping mall or office building. You will benefit from increased safety and security that comes with the use of high-quality audio.

Scalable and highly flexible

The design of this Public Address & Voice Alarm Solutions gives you all the options you need without any compromise on performance. The solution enables you to choose between centralized and de-centralized architectures, rack-mount or wall-mount installation, coupled with dynamic configuration options for zones and amplifying power. Thanks to a design with multiple levels of redundancy the solution is highly robust and offers high serviceability.

Seamless integration

Benefit from an end-to-end critical communication solution from Zenitel, thanks to the addition of networkable Public Address and Voice Alarm solutions. Its seamless integration with other Zenitel solutions such as intercoms and IP speakers improves security team’s response times. Its excellent interoperability with other business services and systems such as Video Management Systems, PABX, DECT/Radio etc. reduces the complexity of integrations between subsystems.

ASL Public Address and Voice Alarm Solutions by Zenitel

INTEGRA “PAVA in a box”

INTEGRA systems is the go-to solution for the iOn-shore markets. It is a pre-built, EN 54-16 system that lowers complexity. The INTEGRA all-in-one network enabled voice alarm solution is available with three, five, seven, and ten amplification channels. 

The unit has 12 audio inputs and internal storage for up to 64 recorded messages. With a maximum power of 2000W, integrated audio-over-IP networking, powerful audio processing, and integrated battery charger and battery mounting shelf all in a compact wall-mount enclosure, INTEGRA provides a complete voice alarm solution for both medium to large centralized and decentralized PAVA systems.

  • Self-contained, Wall Mount Voice Alarm
  • Integrated IP Audio Networking
  • Simple installation
  • High Efficiency
  • Pre-installed with 3, 5, 7 or 10 amplifier cards 
  • Up to 500W per amplifier card
  • Up to 2000W total load
  • DC/IMPEDANCE loop loudspeaker monitoring
  • EN54-16 and EN 54-4 compliant 
Available in the EMEA and APAC markets

VIPEDIA Rack built and scalable

VIPEDIA systems are built for 19” racks and offer even greater flexibility and scalability. VIPEDIA combines high-quality, professional audio processing with everything required for safe emergency voice announcements. It is suitable for small, medium, and large-scale live sound installations and many more applications. 

Integrated Secure Loop audio support make both centralized and IP distributed architectures easy to achieve. Perfectly suited to centralized or distributed architectures, the VIPEDIA supports 12 analog audio inputs, 32 simultaneous Dante® sources, and 12 independent zones. All audio processing is through powerful and dedicated digital signal processing (DSP) circuits. 

  • Professional audio quality
  • 24 Bit 48kHz audio processing 
  • Built-in audio networking
  • 12 analog audio inputs and &outputs
  • 6 IP Audio inputs and & outputs
  • Onboard control input and outputs
  • Fully EN54-16 certified
  • Flexible control options 
Available in the EMEA and APAC markets

Features and benefits

Rigorous Safety  Standards

ASL Public Address and Voice Alarm solutions by Zenitel are designed for high availability and 10-year operating lifespans. They meet rigorous safety standards including EN 54-16, UL and CSA certifications.

Monitoring,  Maintenance & Control 

User Friendly configuration tools, end-to-end monitoring, modular technology, and multiple levels of redundancy limit system downtime and enable agile maintenance planning.  

Comprehensive DSP Features

Delay, AVC, Compression, EQ enables you to tailor the system output for every message type and acoustic environment.

Scalable Deployments and Flexible Zoning

Configurable output power, Modular amplifier architecture, scalable from a single node, to multiple clusterswerden. 

Selected Case Studies

Trusted and proven solutions

ASL Public Address and Voice Alarm Solutions by Zenitel have already been deployed and are operational in many demanding environments globally with great  customer feedback. Here a few selected case studies.

London Underground 


In response to the tragedy at King’s Cross Underground Station, London Underground Ltd (LUL) prioritized and installed voice alarms across all stations. Today, more than 130 LU stations and all  DLR stations rely on Public Address and Voice Alarm systems offered by Zenitel. 

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Tunelový Rozhlas 


Slovakian highway construction and maintenance company, Národná dialničná spoločnosť, a.s., deployed a sophisticated 6km road tunnel with EN54-compliant Voice Alarm Solutions for a series of motorway tunnels to allow for the safe and troublefree evacuation of people in the event of a fire or traffic accident.   

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Ringhals Power Station 

The project included the design and implementation of a massive Public Address and Voice Alarm system with more than 340 Zones designed to comply with EN54. Operated by Vattenfall, a Swedish power company and one of Europe’s largest retailers of electricity and heat, Ringhals nuclear power plant is located south of Gothenburg in Sweden and is the largest power plant in Scandinavia.  

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Gatwick Airport

Gatwick Airport required a multi-node, distributed Public Address and Voice Alarm (PAVA) system at the South Terminal, with a central management system to monitor and control other third party safety subsystems. Zenitel's design caters the need of PAVA use cases and high-fidelity music distribution. 

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Why Zenitel?

Zenitel is well positioned to drive the future of intelligent critical-communication solutions. Through our portfolio of products and &solutions, with built-in intelligence and a focus on cybersecurity, we provide organizations with superior, scalable security and flexibility. Zenitel is the proven, preferred choice for environments requiring crystal-clear audio to ensure the protection of human life, property, assets and the management of critical activities. With interoperability at all levels, we seamlessly integrate with other business services and systems such as VMS, PABX, DECT/Radio etc.