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Offshore Platforms

Working in some of the harshest environment with heavy machinery on offshore platforms with flammable gases, vapors and liquids, the workers deserve the best and safest communications solutions available in the market. We offer a variety of safe and secure communication solutions for hazardous environments (Ex areas).

Experience, Products and Solutions

We have gained vast experience in retrofitting old systems for platforms. We have also experience in installation and commissioning of new A + B systems on “live” production units without downtime. We have solutions where we can install new, IP based systems and still use the old cabling and run IP over 2-wire (Flowire Ethernet Converter). This is both cost efficient and less time consuming than running new cables.

The combination of using loudspeakers, flashlights/beacons, intercom stations and radios as receivers of alarms and important messages gives maximum coverage and flexibility for workers to be alarmed and informed and also able to establish two way communication in all areas and at all times.

IP technology makes it easy to monitor all system components from a remote location by using SNMP reporting to a centralized onshore control – and maintenance center.