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«A state of the art PA system is a paramount thing in our safety readiness. I’m looking forward to use the EXIGO PA system»
Flemming Langballe, Captain
Flemming Langballe - DFDS Captain
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The world's first EXIGO installation on a sailing vessel took place on DFDS Crown Seaways.
Rolling Stock Video Available

EXIGO - State of the Art IP PA System

Exigo IP PA (Public Address) for Maritime applications brings all benefits of IP Audio into one package. 

EXIGO IP PA is certified for the most stringent safety standards for General alarm and Voice Evacuation purposes.

EXIGO leverages over 10 years of experience in critical communication over IP. EXIGO IP PA gives you a system that is flexible, scalable and programmable. We have published some solutions here.

A bridge between the past & the future

EXIGO is a IP Public Address System that allows you to leverage past investments and integrate other communication systems into your PA. The high degree of monitoring, and the possibilities for remote operation and maintenance, enables your organization to centralize operations.

Furthermore it enables you to plan as well as predict service and maintenance requirements, cutting downtime and cost of operation.

Our customers - in all sectors

EXIGO customers span from the most demanding clients in the offshore oil and gas industry, to hospitals, power plants and the transportation sector. We are proud to be protecting lives and property around the globe, in every environment.

Some Features

  • IP-based PA system with networked components
  • PA and VA, certified for EN54 applications
  • Full monitoring of system components, access panels & speaker loops
  • Full monitoring of all devices with SNMP and Syslog
  • Supports 250 PA zones
  • Integration with IPBX & fire alarm

See more features.

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EXIGO - Design & Technology

The Vingtor-Stentofon Exigo system is designed to meet the requirements of a Public Address and General Alarm system (PA/GA) in maritime, offshore and onshore applications.

Using state of the art IP technology, it has been designed from the ground up to meet the requirements of type approvals in the maritime segment, Norsok requirements in the Oil&Gas segment and the EN54 standard for onshore systems. This makes for a robust system that fulfills all the requirements of PA systems demanding a high degree of availability and redundancy. 

Cutting edge amplifiers

The amplifiers in the Exigo product range are cutting edge amplifiers using IP technology and modern class-D design for high efficiency. They are fully monitored, and monitoring status can be read remotely via SNMP and Syslog over IP. The range of access panels available are designed to meet the requirements in multiple-use scenarios, from that of a marine vessel to potentially hazardous areas requiring Ex devices. They all are, like the amplifiers, fully monitored and will report any faults such as microphone issues as they occur.

The Vingtor-Stentofon Exigo system can be easily integrated with other systems such as the Vingtor-Stentofon AlphaCom communication platform. This means that the PA/GA system is fully integrated with the Vingtor-Stentofon intercom range and third party systems such as generic IPBX and Radio systems over IP.

Exigo Solutions

Date Name Category Size Download file
Zenitel The Autonomous Future.pdf Solution Sheet 253.85 KB File icon Download
EXIGO Amplifiers Maritime EN Solution Sheet 942.98 KB File icon Download
EXIGO Amplifiers Oil & Gas EN Solution Sheet 841.05 KB File icon Download
EXIGO Amplifiers General EN Solution Sheet 1.39 MB File icon Download
EXIGO PA/GA System EN Solution Sheet 1.26 MB File icon Download

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