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EXIGO - Enabling PA through EN54 Standard Telecom & Networking Practice

EXIGO is an advanced and flexible VoIP PA system, with robustness, functionality and features far beyond EN54 16 systems based telecom standards.

EXIGO solves all your needs for operational and emergency PA and is intended for applications where there are a demand for robust, highly available and efficient distribution of public address.

The Exigo system can be integrated with other third party systems based on open standards such as SIP which allows for integration with automatic announcement systems, such as passenger information systems.

Each Exigo system can also be integrated with other Exigo systems over standard IP allowing for systems covering large geographical areas and multiple sites. This means that when investing in Public Address for your operational or customer service needs, there is no need to invest in an additional EN54-16 voice evacuation system to make your building compliant.

Complete “telecom package” integrators do, with Exigo, no longer have to relate to the obscure and fragmented world of proprietary methods in the audio industry. Watch 9 reasons to choose Exigo videos.

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Key Products

  • 1023000000

    Exigo System Controller

  • 1023200030

    Exigo Call Panel, PTT Button

  • 1023200033

    Exigo Access Panel / Turbine Intercom

  • EAPII-1

    Exigo  Industrial Access Panel, 1 Button

  •  EAPII-6

    Exigo Industrial Access Panel, 6 Buttons 

  • 2310221020

    EN54 Voice Alarm system

Key features

  • IP-based PA system with networked components
  • PA and VA, certified for EN54 applications
  • Full monitoring of system components, access panels, and speaker loops
  • Full monitoring of all devices with SNMP and Syslog
  • Power amplifiers, 100/70 volt line with Ethernet interface
  • Supports 250 PA zones
  • Supports 150 IP access panels
  • Integration with IPBX and fire alarm

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