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Safe Return to Port (SRtP)

Is your ship’s line of communication secure - even in case of emergency? Do you comply with the requirements of the Safe Return to Port regulation?

Zenitel provides a secure, wireless UHF communication solution between virtually any position on the ship at all times. In an emergency situation, the solution enables the ship’s Safety Crew, Fire Fighters and Incident Commanders to communicate throughout the ship, regardless of where coordination is required.

By choosing Zenitel's Safe Return to Port (SRtP) UHF Communication Solution, you comply with the SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) SRtP regulation for internal communication among the bridge, engineering spaces, safety center, firefighting and damage control teams, and as required for passenger and crew notification and mustering.

Zenitel SRtP highlights

  • Safe & Secure UHF Communication
  • Redundant system to improve reliability and availability
  • Distributed Antenna System for coverage of all locations on the vessel
  • Compliant with IMO/SOLAS SRtP requirements
  • Integration with our own PAGA system