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Radio Communication from Zenitel

Two-Way Radio has been a successful communication solution for generations, and it proves itself every day in countless deployments around the world. 

We are one of the few companies in the market that can deliver fully integrated Communication Platforms that include Intercom, Public Address and Two-Way Radio Systems.

By integrating Two-Way Radio with the onboard communication system, we provide the flexibility of addressing passengers and crew from anywhere on a vessel, hence enhancing onboard safety.

  • Two-way radio systems to cover any need
  • Integration with other communication platforms
  • Extended coverage using Distributed Antenna Systems
  • Accredited as a reseller for Motorola Solutions and 3M PELTOR™.

Regardless of complexity, Zenitel offers solutions and equipment that covers all your radio communication needs

Digital Radio Technology

Zenitel utilizes digital radio technology, providing clear communication even in noisy areas. This technology is crucial in preventing the loss of vital communication, especially in stressed and critical situations.

Moreover, the use of digital radio technology increases the efficiency of the onboard radio communication system, as the capacity is twice that of analog systems. You can choose from a range of various intrinsically-safe radios for hazardous areas or standard radios for the crew’s daily tasks, thus catering to every communicaiton requirement.

All radio equipment that Zenitel delivers complies with the international IEC 60945 standard.

Extended Radio Communication Coverage 

We are specialists in designing and installing optimal Distributed Antenna Systems, providing extended coverage of radio communication to areas of the ship that are not normally covered or very poorly covered, using direct simplex connections between radios.

The Distributed Antenna System is designed using a wide range of components that suit the specific vessel design and customer requirements. The components may be a combination of leaky antenna cables and various indoor and outdoor antennas. 

Our skilled engineers have extensive experience in designing DAS, and with the aid of our special design tool, we can provide an optimal solution for extended radio communication coverage.


Key Products

Here are some of our bestsellers for the Maritime & Energy segment.

Check out our Radio pages for the full product range.

Motorola DP4400

Digital Handheld Two-Way Radio

Product Info

Motorola DP4401 Ex

Ex Digital Handheld Radio

Product info

Motorola DP4801 Ex

Ex Digital Handheld Radio
Display and Keypad

Product Info

We are a Motorola and 3M PELTOR™ Reseller

Based on our extensive in-house radio expertise, Zenitel is accredited as a reseller for Motorola Solutions and 3M PELTOR™ hearing-protector equipment.

We employ Motorola type-approved products for many applications and integrate with other systems, for example, our ACM Integrated Maritime Communication system. We also use Motorola radios in our SRtP UHF radio communication solution for which Zenitel has obtained both DNV-GL and RINA approvals.

3M PELTOR™ high-quality headsets feature built-in, pre-programmed two-way communication radio and an integrated noise-cancelling microphone, allowing you to communicate clearly, while keeping your hearing protected, even in the noisiest environments.