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Zenitel reports solid growth for 2019

Zenitel financial highlights

  • Total revenue amounted to 76.3 million euro compared to 61.8 million euro in 2018. This represents a growth of 23.3%.
  • EBITDA amounted to 6.5 million euro, an increase of 2.3 million euro of which 1.8 million euro as a result of the adoption of IFRS 16.
  • EBIT amounted to 3.9 million euro, compared to 3.2 million euro in 2018.
  • Net profit from operations was 3.0 million euro, compared to 2.7 million euro in 2018.
  • Financial cash position of 21.3 million euro at the end of 2019, compared to 20.4 million euro in 2018.

Strong growth in all geographical markets

Koen Claerbout, CEO of Zenitel, commented: “Thanks to both the organic growth and the acquisition of the Phontech activities, we are pleased to announce that the top line has increased by 23.3%. The revenue strongly grew in all geographical regions in both the maritime and energy markets as well as in the onshore safety and security market." 

"In 2019 we continued to invest in new product development, business development and in the strengthening of our organization. Additional talent in the field of management, R&D and M&S has joined our global Zenitel team. EBIT and Net profit have increased compared to 2018. In 2020 we will further strengthen our market position by investing in new product development and business development activities.”

Download the full report

The complete financial press release 2019 results report, including the consolidated financial statements, can be downloaded here. Reports are available in English and Dutch.