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Promotional videos


Zenitel - Motorola Solutions Reseller

Zenitel is one of the largest accredited Motorola partners in Scandinavia also working internationally in Europe, ME and Asia with integrated radio communication solutions.

Vingtor-Stentofon installed at Oslo Central Station, Norway's largest railway station

Our Vingtor-Stentofon TCIS-4 SIP intercoms together with our AlphaCom XE1 server provides unparalleled audio quality for passengers and staff. Allowing users to hear, be heard and be understood every time. The technology enables staff to respond quickly and efficiently to incidents in real time.

Zenitel equipment at Oslo Airport Gardemoen

Oslo Airport is the main international airport serving Oslo, Norway. It is the main domestic hub and international airport in Norway, and is the second-busiest airport in the Nordic countries.

Zenitel systems on board Bastø Fosen

In 2014, Bastø Fosen won the contract to continue to operate Norway`s busiest inland ferry route, between Moss and Horten, until 2026. As part of the agreement, three new ferries were built to serve this vital transport route. Zenitel is proud to have delivered communication and entertainment systems to all of the new vessels.


Zenitel asks...


Why is Intelligent Communications important?

We asked some industry experts to share their take on what makes intelligent communications more important than ever. Watch now to hear what they had to say.

Why is intelligibility important?

At Zenitel, we care about making sure you can always hear, be heard and be understood – every time. We talked to experts in the industry to get their perspective on how intelligibility fits into the communications landscape. Watch now to hear what they had to say.

Why is interoperability important?

We have long vouched for the interoperability of our systems, but why does this matter? To find out, we asked some industry experts to weigh in on the importance of interoperability in communications systems - both today and in the future. Watch now to hear their views.

What is the IT Mandate for Intelligent Communications?

When it comes to managing their systems, IT has a lot to keep in mind. What are the pressing issues with regard to intelligent communications? We asked some industry experts to share the current challenges they face. Watch now to hear their insights.