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Special Offer:

Upgrade your AlphaCom XE1 to ICX-AlphaCom ICX-500

Upgrade your Alphacom XE1 to an ICX-AlphaCom ICX-500, and we will migrate your existing licenses!

As technology trends change over time, Zenitel remains committed to continuous innovation, providing the market with powerful, secure and future proof solutions. Today, that commitment to our customers continues with our next-generation platform – the Alphacom ICX-500 Gateway!

At Zenitel, we value our loyal existing customers, so we invite you to join us as we head into future development by upgrading your trusted Alphacom XE1 to the Alphacom ICX-500 Gateway! When you upgrade you existing IP devices to our new state-of-the-art system, we will swap your existing licenses for free!*

*We must ask you to return existing STIC card and AMC board in order to take advantage of this offer.

Key Upgrade Information

  1. Please remember to include the MAC address(es) of the old AlphaCom XE1 system(s) when you issue the PO for upgrade ICX-AlphaCom ICX-500 licenses.
  2. Customer Service will look up the MAC address in the old License database and get complete information about the licenses required for the new ICX.AlphaCom ICX-500 system.
  3. Customer Service will create a new sales order with the required ICX-AlphaCom ICX-500 licenses:
    • The new Sales Order will contain the exact same licenses that were connected to the MAC address on the old AlphaComXE1 system. 
    • As a proof of license de-activation, the original STIC needs to be returned to Zenitel. Failure to do so, will result in a full license fee invoice. 
    • We request that you also return the AMC-IP Board.
    • The return due period will be 60 days as stated on the RMA form.
    • The credit note will be raised once the returned equipment has been received by QA. 
  4. Customer Service will create RMA form and issue together with Sales Order and Product key and the customer can go ahead with the return shipment. The return freight cost will be covered by the customer.
  5. When the returned AMC-IP Board and STIC has been received, QA will create the credit note. 
  6. QA will send the MAC address to Customer Service who will cancel all the corresponding license activation codes in the AlphaCom XE License database. 

Request Your Upgrade

To take advantage of this offer to swap your licenses for free when you upgrade to ICX-AlphaCom ICX-500 from AlphaCom XE1, submit an email request, including the information referenced above, to your relevant Customer Service Team:

Send to Americas Team Send to EMEA Team Send to APR Team

What is the ICX-AlphaCom ICX-500?

The ICX-AlphaCom ICX-500 Gateway connects people, devices systems at unrivaled levels of manageability, scalability and interoperability.

ICX-AlphaCom ICX-500 is ...

  • Powerful – Increased boost in processing power and features. Highly scalable platform, with an ICX-500 gateway network easily managing 1000s of intercom devices.
  • Secure - Hardware root of trust, based on state-of-the-art 256-bit encryption, ensuring only authorized changes can be implemented and prevents any unauthorized access.
  • Future proof – Unrivaled capacity ensuring significant headroom for development of new services, as well as providing access to the cloud.