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Manufacturing & Processing

A manufacturing plant needs to run efficiently in order to stay profitable. The production line operates 24/7 and there is a constant coming and going of goods and people.

Good organization is a key factor and a reliable, extensive communication system is essential. Workers on the factory floor need to stay in touch with their colleagues at logistics, while the plant manager needs to reach the heads of the different departments, and the control room needs to address the right people as quickly as possible in case of an emergency.

Key products

  • TFIE-2

    IP and SIP Intercom

Popular Products

  • TCAS-2

    Analog Intercom

  • Exigo Networked Amplifier

    Exigo Network Amplifier 2 x 200W

  • TCIS-6

    IP and SIP Intercom


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Runar Holm

+47 4000 2552

Robbert Willemsen

+31 653 98 30 98

Jim Hoffpauir

+1 703 585 28 26

BK Teo

Chenguttuvan Tamilarasan

+971 4 364 1213

Tor Kristian Lystad

+47 400 02 785

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