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Milestone XProtect®

Milestone Systems is a leading provider of open platform IP video management software (VMS).

Milestone XProtect® software is powerful and easy-to-use with a wide array of features for very basic to advanced surveillance needs.

Designed with open architecture, XProtect integrates with the industry’s widest choice in cameras.


The integration of ICX-AlphaCom, AlphaCom, and IC-EDGE with Milestone XProtect software enables video stream routing under control of commands issued by ICX-AlphaCom or  AlphaCom. The interface uses the standard matrix functionality which is part of Milestone XProtect VMS.

In addition, video can be recorded through ONVIF.


The integration allows cameras to be connected to monitors on call and call request events, including changes to the viewed camera when the guard scrolls through the call request queue on the intercom station. With ICX-AlphaCom and IC-EDGE, it is possible to associate up to 4 cameras with an intercom.

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Solution: AlphaCom, IC-Edge, ICX-AlphaCom