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Milestone XProtect®

Milestone Systems is a leading provider of open platform IP video management software (VMS).

Milestone XProtect® software is powerful and easy-to-use with a wide array of features for very basic to advanced surveillance needs.

Designed with open architecture, XProtect integrates with the industry’s widest choice in cameras.


The integration of ICX-AlphaCom, AlphaCom, and IC-EDGE with Milestone XProtect®  utilizes ONVIF and plug-ins so you can easily add intercom devices, video streaming, two-way audio, and voice communication into your security system and processes. 


The integration seamlessly integrates audio and voice communication into your video management workflow. This mitigates security risks and enables better decision making and faster response times, by for example:

- Using ambient listening to get sound context to what you see on camera.
- Issue pre-recorded or manual messages through IP speakers and intercom stations to warn people off, without the need to physically intervene.
- Manage visitors and verify identity combining live video and audio communication.
- Manage and prioritize incoming calls.
- Record, replay and log SIP conversations and video streams for tracebility and accountability.

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Solution: AlphaCom, IC-Edge, ICX-AlphaCom