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AppVision is a truly integrated command and control software package that enables users to easily centrally manage different equipment systems over an IP network.

The AppVision system is installed using a server-client infrastructure or a thin client and makes it easy to remotely control security systems as well as full building management equipment from anywhere, irrespective of distance to sites, make or even type of equipment.


The AppVision-AlphaCom integration maximises on the features, which are available through the Vingtor-Stentofon AlphaCom OPC server.


AppVision is able to see and control some of the features from the Intercom network, via the Vingtor-Stentofon Alphacom.

Geolocalisation of intercom units on maps and floor plans

  • Dynamic symbol icons will flash when intercom unit is pressed for a call
  • Icons contains a click on menu for call management and interaction
  • Shows online / offline status for intercom units

Interaction and management of i​ntercom calls

  • Allow call
  • Deny call
  • End call
  • Prioritise call list

Door control

  • AppVision can send commands via the intercom units to open or lock doors (when connected to intercom units)

 Intercom interaction to other building and security systems

  • AppVision manages the interaction between intercom activity and other systems within the same geolocalisation
  • Cause and effect triggers can be automatic 
  • Pop up nearest cctv camera to screen for control room operators to see intercom unit
  • Deactivate zonal security alarms to allow person to pass through zone
  • Automatic voice message to the nearest intercom to warn intruders off on triggering of an intrusio detection alarm

Call event log

  • All call events including operator interaction are logged with date and time stamp in the AppVision system for reference​

 Technical event log

  • AppVision monitors the technical status for each intercom unit in a real time list
  • All changes of status (online, offline, fault as supplied by Zenitel) are shown in AppVision log 
  • Technical status is also displayed graphically using dynamic icons that can change form or colour to represent actual intercom status on screen building maps
Solution: AlphaCom, ICX-AlphaCom