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Austco Tacera

Tacera is Austco's latest advance in Nurse Call and Health Care Communication Systems.

Tacera was developed by Austco to empower nurses with technology, information and communications.

Tacera offers simplicity in real-time connections for Health Care professionals and patients. This enhances the care delivery process with measurable improvements to the patients' quality and experience of care.

Tacera provides “plug-and-play” functionality which minimizes the cost of installation and commissioning, as well as making ongoing maintenance more cost effective – reducing the total cost of ownership of the system.

Additionally, all your clinical alarm systems, such as Patient Monitoring, Ventilators, IV Pumps and Stat Lab results may be integrated into Tacera allowing “one click” staff allocation for all mission critical alerts.


For additional information about Tacera and its integration with AlphaCom please contact Mr Massimo Donzelli at Zenitel Italy: Massimo.Donzelli[at]zenitel[dot]com

About the integration

The combination of Vingtor-Stentofon AlphaCom and Austco’s Tacera systems results in a very flexible and user friendly nurse call system. Calls and status information from the Tacera system will be displayed in the display of Vingtor-Stentofon nurse desk intercom stations. The system allows easy call back to patients and staff who have placed a call.

The benefits of this integration are

  •   Patient, alarm and assistance calls  and nurse presence information are shown on the nurse desk intercom stations
  •   Nursing staff can easily call back to the patient room from wherever the call was originated
  •   Calls will remain in the nurse desk stations even after conversation with the patient, the nurse must go to the room to cancel the call
  •   Can be part of an overall AlphaCom based hospital communication system: nursing staff can call for help from security fast; surgeons can communicate with the nursing staff 
Solution: AlphaCom, ICX-AlphaCom