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Indigo Care

AlphaCom/ICX-AlphaCom and iCall

In an environment in which every second is literally of vital importance, it is essential that you can rely on a high-performance (unique Full-IP) nurse call system.

Patients, nursing staff, doctors, administration and external services must be able to communicate with each other quickly and efficiently. The IndigoCare care communication system iCall directly integrates the patient call-back system, the AlphaCom/ICX-AlphaCom, the DECT system, the personal location system and any other notification systems (fire alarm, etc.) within a unified whole.


The integration between iCall and AlphaCom/ICX-AlphaCom allows nursing staff to talk handsfree to patients at the press of a button. Via iCall SIP-units, iCall MS-PC (touchscreen voice PC), Vingtor-Stentofon intercoms and/or Vingtor-Stentofon nurse desk stations. All activities of the iCall nurse call system can be shown on the displays of Vingtor-Stentofon nurse desk stations.


The benefits of this integration are:

  • Patient , alarm and assistance calls are shown on the nurse desk intercom stations
  • Nurse presence is shown on nurse desk intercom stations
  • Location, shift period, routing, etc. can be programmed easily and per device individually
  • A nurse can easily call back to the patient room from wherever the call was originated
  • Calls will remain in the nurse desk stations even after conversation with the patient, the nurse must go to the room to cancel the call (VDE-regulations)
  • (Re)use and (re)integration of available cabling and telephone/intercom solutions

For additional information about iCall and its integration with AlphaCom please contact Mr. Massimo Donzelli at Zenitel Italy: Massimo.Donzelli[at]zenitel[dot]com

Solution: AlphaCom, ICX-AlphaCom