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How-to Videos

Are you stuck and need a quick fix? These short, effective videos cover set-up, troubleshooting and more. If you don’t find an answer here, check out Zenitel Wiki ▶.


IC-EDGE-AMAG Symmetry Integration

This video demonstrates how to setup the integration between IC-EDGE and AMAG Symmetry.

IP Speakers family

This will video will demonstrate how to configure a product in the IP Speaker family. How to set it up on the network, select correct mode of operation, configure automatic volume control (AVC), and more.

VS Operator

This video shows how to install and configure the VS-Operator used with ICX and AlphaCom systems.

Integration ICX with Milestone X-protect

This video shows how to configure an ICX-AlphaCom system for integration with Milestone XProtect.

ICX-AlphaCom: OPC Classic Server - Test & Demo

This video shows use cases for the OPC server, and use tools for test and demonstrate the OPC server.

ICX-AlphaCom: OPC Classic Server - Installation

This shows how to install and configure the OPC classic server used with ICX-AlphaCom and AlphaCom systems.

ICX-AlphaCom & IC-EDGE: How to Configure Touchless Sensor

This video shows how to connect and configure the touchless sensor in an IC-EDGE or ICX-AlphaCom system.