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Retrofit Advantages

Zenitel has decades of experience with retrofit in both the maritime and energy segment. With our portfolio and experience, we can adapt your current installations to the latest technologies and functionalities. In a retrofit project, we replace your outdated parts so that your installation has a longer lifespan.

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     Flowire Ethernet Converter - DC Voltage

Replacement exchanges for retrofit

A large number of vessels and installations worldwide are operating with old Vingtor-Stentofon systems. Due to instances of last-time-buy, we can not  repair or deliver spares to exchanges listed in the table below.

You can however replace all old exchanges and still use the original cabling, and in addition, originally delivered and correct working stations can still be used and will work together with a new ACM exchange.

Old  exchanges are replaced  with the following new ones:

SMII-216 , 224 , 232 ICS6200
VMP-16-2 -32-2  ACM-XE series
VMP-48/4 , 52/4, & 80/8 ACM-XE series
VMP-112/8 & 120/122 ACM-XE series
ASA-101  ICS6200
SMP/Ericsson Businessphone ICS6200
Mitel SX-50 ICS6200
Marinex ICS6200

Whether you need to retrofit Vingtor-Stentofon systems and equipment or those from other manufacturers, we can help. Don’t hesitate to contact us at retrofit[at]zenitel[dot]com.

Retrofit Request Maritime & Energy

Our policy has always been to ensure compatibility between older and newer systems.

The advantages gained from  retrofitting include  our latest and newest technology, reuse of existing telephones, and type-approved replacement systems. Original programming can also be used in a  retrofit.

For easier processing of the retrofit, please inform us of original yard, *hull and *IMO number, and vessel/installation name.

*when applicable

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