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Better Together: Zenitel & RS2 Technologies

All security teams need to reduce risks and mitigate threats in order to ensure that a business can operate smoothly. Intelligent communication makes that happen.

Good Sound Versus Bad Sound and Why it Matters

In this article published by Security magazine , Zenitel's Kelly Lake, Director of Strategic Alliances, discusses why enterprise security teams that solely rely on video to...

Zenitel and AMAG Technology Deliver High-Rise Security Solution

How is the Gilbane Building Company securing its new Hines 100 Mill high rise in Tempe, AZ?

How Important is Product Integration?

There’s an old saying : “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

10 Questions to Ask Before Selecting an IP Intercom Solution

Today’s interactive enterprise security systems need access control, video surveillance, and IP Intercom solutions working together to mitigate security risks. But not all intercom solutions are...

Does Bad Audio Mean Poor Security?

Picture this scenario: a security guard is protecting a facility after hours, when an individual approaches the entrance and seeks to gain access.

The Power of Audio

How many times have you turned your head, or paused, when you heard a car alarm go off? Or glass that hits the floor and breaks?...
Zenitel Audio for School Safety

Five Ways Intercoms Can Secure Schools

Schools face a wide range of risks, particularly at their entrances. Hardening a school entrance is critical, but not always easy, as often criminals enter a...