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4 Ways intercoms can secure hospitals and other healthcare facilities

Hospitals have the tall order to manage stressful situations from a high number of emergency services, staff, patients, and visitors. Ensuring a safe environment for patients, staff, and visitors is a key priority for every healthcare facility.

Surgeon open door to operating theatre Healthcare communication Solutions

Security teams must remain informed to stay ahead of disruptions to ensure all essential operations remain functional. Medical staff require the right tools to deliver patient care effectively while ensuring a safe and secure environment.

In a hospital environment where lives are at stake, security technologies need to transform from being reactive to proactive and that is where audio communication plays a vital role. When used as part of a security solution, audio adds a new dimension to mitigating security risks in hospitals and healthcare centers. Whilevideo provides real-time view, it doesn’t help the security team to act on what they see. Thanks to open standards such as ONVIF and SIP, an audio solution such as an intercom empowers the security personnel to hear and act on what they see in real time.

Here are 4 applications where IP intercom solutions can play a key role in ensuring safety and security of staff, patients, and assets:

Care for patients remotely

Giving a sense of connectiveness can improve a patient’s mental well-being. A video- enabled intercom in patient wards or isolation rooms allows a patient to communicate with medical staff. With the integration to a nurse call system, patients can initiate a two-way HD video communication to express their needs right from their bed.

Limit access to vulnerable areas

Pharmacy and labs in hospitals are most vulnerable to theft with thousands of people going in and out of hospitals. An all-in-one IP intercom consists of an access card reader, video, and audio, and it can bring interactivity to your door entry. While restricting access to the sensitive areas, security personnel can remotely manage any potential trespassers.

Swift action to patient falls

A delay in response to patient emergencies such as falls can have devastating consequences, and therefore every second counts in saving their lives. By bringing intercom into your security mix, you can automate the emergency response workflow to notify the medical staff about the patient fall and to take swift actions.

Seek emergency help from operation theatre

Clear communication plays a pivotal role in life and death situations inside an operation theatre. An intercom that is specially designed for a cleanroom facility can help surgeons with uninterrupted consultations with specialists in non-sterile areas during surgical operations.

In hospitals and healthcare facilities, a security system should not be a silent one. Employing IP intercoms that enable intelligent communication allow healthcare professionals to see and hear what’s happening, control access to entrances and other secure areas, and provide a safer environment for all.