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See Us at ISC West, Booth #14109

5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Zenitel at ISC West

At Zenitel, we've launched several new products and we recently added ONVIF Profile T to our intelligent communication solutions. And we've done it all without long lead times.  

That said, here are 5 quick benefits of meeting with us at Booth #14109 at ISC West:

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Benefit 1: New products that will give you value 
We can’t wait to show you our newest product that offers a low-profile design and a wide-angle lens and that provides video surveillance, two-way communications, and remote-entry control, day or night. STAY TUNED!

We’re also excited to show you our new IP Horn Speaker (ELSII-10HM) that is perfect for perimeter and asset protection. The design and frequency response of the speaker allows the user to deliver voice messages over distances. And our new Ceiling Speaker (ELSIR-10CM) is great at blending into the environment. A concealed, built-in microphone enables access to intelligent audio features, and the full range speaker allows for broadcast of voice messages and background music.

Benefit 2: ONVIF Profile T Compatibility opens new doors and enhances your security mix
All Zenitel TCIV+ stations, kits, and IP speakers are now packed with the ONVIF Profile T features that makes it easier to integrate and map Zenitel solutions with other security systems, while giving security teams more tools to manage not just video, but also audio under the same control interface.

Benefit 3: A Channel Partner Program that gives you the competitive edge and unlocks new opportunities
Our Channel Partner Program provides sales and marketing material, technical expertise and training, exclusive webinars and more. The program is open to System Integrators, Installers, and Resellers that offer security solutions to end customers. Stop by our booth #14109 and quickly and easily sign up for our Channel Partner Program!

Benefit 4: New integrations possibilities that create more value with a lot less
We are an industry leader with our integration partnerships that help to push our product innovations further and continue to allow people to hear, be heard, and be understood, in virtually every situation. We make it easy to integrate our solutions with products from world-leading providers of access control, video management, and other security solutions. Through our integrations, we ensure that our wide range of audio solutions will fit seamlessly into any project. It's also easy to integrate our products via SIP and ONVIF, and we use open-source code to ensure that Zenitel products will fit seamlessly into any security system.   

Benefit 5: A Team that is ready to support you at every step
Our amazing team is packing their bags and are anxiously waiting to help you learn more about the multiple benefits of including audio within security solutions. Schedule a meeting today!

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