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5 Ways that Intercoms Can Secure Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

That’s why it’s important that hospital and healthcare staff have a solution that enables clear and intelligent communication.

When used as part of a security solution, audio via intercom adds a new dimension to mitigating security risks in hospitals and healthcare centers. 

Here are 5 areas where IP intercom solutions can enable intelligent communications in these environments:

1. Reception and Intake Desks: Intercoms at reception areas and intake desks can help staff to communicate remotely, limiting the need for face-to-face communication during the prescreening process. 

2. Doors and Entrances: IP intercoms and speakers at doors and entrances allow communication with patients and visitors prior to admitting them into the facility. 

3. Restricted Areas: IP intercoms can secure restricted areas to ensure that only those authorized to enter have access.

4. Isolation Rooms: Intercoms are especially useful in isolation rooms to allow quarantined patients to communicate with staff and medical professionals. 

5. Operating and Procedure Rooms: In operating and procedure rooms, IP intercom systems can be integrated into nurse call, phone, and radio systems to ensure that healthcare professionals can deliver instructions and communicate without leaving the room.

In hospitals and healthcare facilities, a security system should not be a silent one. Employing IP intercoms that enable intelligent communication allow healthcare professionals to see and hear what's happening, control access to entrances and other secure areas, and provide a safer environment for all. Learn about our solutions for healthcare facilities here.


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