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Alphacom and radio integration vital in construction of Mobile Control Rooms

The Safety Region Rotterdam-Rijnmond (Police, Fire fighters, Ambulance Services and Port Authorities) have purchased two mobile control rooms, to be used for planned activities (Rotterdam Marathon, cycling events etc.) as well as calamities. The mobile control rooms are equipped with high tech servers and all kinds of communication devices.

For communication with the C2000 TETRA system, used by the Dutch Public Safety and Security organisations a Vingtor-Stentofon  XE7 intercom system is installed. A total of 16 Motorola mobile radios are connected to the intercom system using the FBSAR interfaces. There are four control tables with a total of 16 IP Flush Master stations and with each of the stations the mobile can be selected using group communication. A headset connector and footswitch are also integrated in the system.

For default operation the D1 button is programmed for the default group and D2 for disconnecting the group.

The main reason for using an intercom system for controlling the radio channels is the ease of the IP solution. The mobile radios and the intercom switch reside in a 19-inch cabinet while for connecting the control stations only one IP cable is needed. In practise there is an IP cable per table and a PoE switch per table is used to power the IP stations.

The mobiles are connected to a TETRA combiner, a special development for this application. The TETRA combiner is in 19-inch technology and can support 8 TETRA mobiles on two antennas.

The first of the units is now ready for use. SAIT Zenitel is responsible for delivering Vingtor-Stentofon  products to this project.

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