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Award Winning Communication Solutions at IPI Conference & Expo

To view a live demonstration of PULSE Enterprise, visit booth 313 at IPI ConferenceExpo May 17-20. To reserve a one-on-one session with Vingtor-Stentofon team leaders, contact Veronica Weber, mail:  Veronica.Weber[at]Zenitel[dot]com.

“Our solutions are built on the belief that communication starts and stops with the most basic yet profound need to hear, be heard, and be understood”, said Jim Hoffpauir, Zenitel USA President. “Vingtor-Stentofon sets the standard for critical communication by empowering people with High Definition (HD) voice intelligibility in a resilient and interoperable solution.”

Attendees will experience live demonstrations of PULSE system, an ideal solution for small business applications. “By embedding processing power in the device, PULSE removes the need for a centralized server, creating an intercom system that is unique: HD voice intelligibility delivered in a scalable, interoperable, efficient solution”, said Hoffpauir.

In addition to PULSE, attendees will learn more about the Turbine IP Video Intercom Station, named Most Valuable Product in the Access Control category at ISC West 2016 by Security Sales Integration Magazine.

“Vingtor-Stentofon’s award winning success is based in part on helping businesses make informed decisions”, said Hoffpauir. “We’ve created a scorecard for critical communications to empower organizations during this process.”

According to Hoffpauir, the three key elements of the scorecard are:

  • Intelligibility: the ability to hear, to be heard, and to be understood. If you deploy solutions that do not meet this basic yet profound test, you have failed.
  • Interoperability: the strategy and execution in developing a robust programmatic interface and, as a result, a partner ecosystem that allows end users and integrators to build interconnected solutions with access control, video surveillance, digital messaging and more.
  • “Illities”: the acknowledgement that critical communications are mission critical and must be measured to the “Ilities”. This includes: reliability, availability, maintainability and sustainability built into the form and function of the solution.

As a leader in intelligibility, Vingtor-Stentofon is the integrator’s choice for communication solutions that involve the protection of assets, lives, and activity management.

Location: US