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Better Together: Zenitel and Software House

In a previous blog post, we discussed the power of product integrations. When people work together for a common goal, often, things can be achieved for a greater good.

The same can be said for security products and solutions that together, can allow security teams to mitigate risk better and faster than before.

Enhanced integration between the Software House C∙CURE 9000 Security and Event Management Solution and Zenitel’s ICX-AlphaCom gives users and security teams an integrated platform for access control and intelligent communications.

It combines the power of an event management system with the crystal-clear, bidirectional audio of Zenitel’s intelligent intercom solutions and empowers security teams with
complete situational awareness.

Security teams now have:
•    The ability to speak, listen, and record audio and video
•    Optimized processes and improved response time.
•    Easy management of unmanned entrances, secure areas, and incoming emergency calls
•    Immediate access to audio recordings
•    The ability to quickly associate access control, audio, and video events for all security reporting and compliance needs
•    And more

Learn more about the product integration here.

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