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Captain Neville Levy ferry's Flowire retrofit

The ferry is named after retired US Navy Captain Neville Levy, and it's owned and operated by Transdev Services, Inc. The ferry is used to transport the citizens of New Orleans, and is also used during large events, Such as Mardi Gras, Gretna Fest, and French Quarter Fest.

Flowire technology
The original system had several complaints about the interference levels of the wind on the vehicle decks, this is where Turbine comes to play with active noise cancelation. Transdev, of course like many customers were concerned with the costs of having to re-pull new cabling throughout the vessel to utilize new IP Technologies. By incorporating Flowire we dramatically decreased the costs and time of the complete installation.

This particular install is one that may change the views on the IP era for older vessels proving that a greater technology and advanced audio quality does not have to be an expensive and time consuming expedition.

We replaced an old Intercom/ PA system utilizing existing cabling with our Flowire devices. The vessel is now equipped with

These stations are connected to out XE1 interconnected with a TKIE Module and a VPA-120 amplifier for PA Announcements throughout 11 of our speakers (CL-200T/ VLS-15T/F). 

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