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Dan Rothrock from Zenitel speaks about the benefits of combining Audio, Access Control and CCTV

Celebrating 15 years of Security Engineering Symposium with AMAG

Dan Rothrock, Senior Vice President Global Strategic Alliances, Zenitel USA, Inc. said, “It’s hard to believe we’ve been doing this for 15 years.  AMAG’s Security Engineering Symposium is an original event that’s been often copied, but it’s never been duplicated.

We are looking for relationships.  We are looking for return on investment, and we are looking for ideas for the future.  All those things come out of this event every year that we attend. It’s been the best event for a return on our investment from a dollar AND relationship standpoint, and from what it helps us develop for the security industry.

We are looking forward to coming back for our 16th year next year.”

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Segment: Building Security