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 Zenitel preferred Intelligent Communication solutions supplier for Chantier Davie vessels

Chantier Davie – towards industry 4.0

Intelligent Communications Solutions provider

For many years, Zenitel has been a preferred supplier of Intelligent Communication Solutions for vessels built at Chantier Davie in Canada. With our own step towards Industry 4.0 and implementing IoT in our own products, we take pride in having such a good collaboration with one of the foremost future aimed shipyards globally.

Embracing the digital future

Established in 1825, Chantier Davie Canada has a storied history of shipbuilding stretching back nearly 200 years. Now, it has begun taking he first steps on its digital transformation journey.

Over the past couple of years, Zenitel has also started the same journey, evolving from delivering world-leading Critical Communication systems with our vision as world leader of Intelligent Communication Solutions, and we are making good progress towards this aim.

Your Maritime Communications expert

In the Maritime domain, we at Zenitel encounter more and more requests for systems and solutions that are connected to the internet, and they also need to be integrated with other systems onboard, while providing optimum ease of use, interoperability, maintainability and cybersecurity. With the general trend toward increasingly complex technology in this segment, shipyards also need to be able to harness and master those technologies.

We hope you enjoy this informative article from Chantier Davie Canada. And, as always, Zenitel is ready to handle any request you may have for Intelligent Communication Solutions for both the Maritime and Energy market, as well as the Security & Safety markets.

Segment: Maritime
Location: Global

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