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CUC in France - very ambitious project in the health sector

Zenitel France is very proud to have contributed to the very futuristic “Clinique Universitaire du Cancer”, which will be open in April 2014 in Toulouse, France.

In the heart of a 220 hectares-campus, dedicated to the fight against cancer, Zenitel France just installed the very last Vingtor-Stentofon  developed products : Flowire converters, Turbine stations and AlphaCom XE1 server.

The CUC campus is the most ambitious projects of the early 21st century, as it gathers in one single location: the scientific, medical , clinical , academic and industrial competences – public and private – to fight together against a common scourge, cancer. It is the first time in Europe, that one institution focuses on research and innovation together, thus reducing the time between research and innovation and between innovation and care, in a logic of mutual enrichment and equitable access to innovations.

Vingtor-Stentofon  was granted with access security and medical communications. This project represents 150 Vingtor-Stentofon  IP stations and one AlphaCom XE 1 server. The real innovation on this project, and the main reason why we have been selected is the capacity to get IP stations on all accesses despite the distance with the server and POE switches!

Thanks to Flowire converters, it was made possible very easily. On top of this technological asset, adding the inductive loop to TCIS-2 and interfacing them to the supervision site tool, including video surveillance was a must : not only this solutions allows the site to be in line with the law regarding Public areas, but with a simple touch of a Turbine station, guards can see and discuss with visitors. With its numerous Operation and White Rooms, we installed over 60 OR IP stations that are connected to each other but also to IP desk stations, so that the entire staff can be in interoperation all the time!

Zenitel France is very proud to have taken part to such an ambitious, challenging high-tech project that will be a reference in the Health sector in Europe, if not in the world.

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