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Our online Product Basket – your time saver!

Our Product Basket functionality was developed for you to save time.The function allows you to create multiple baskets, with either one or many items. As you click download it creates one single PDF file with the selected or bookmarked pages in a basket. You can add comments to the basket, edit and change content over time.

  • What is it?  The Product Basket is an application that allows registered and logged in users to search for product pages  information, from a user profile. It comes with a set of filters that will aid you in your search.
  • Why should I use it? The Product Basket is designed to save you time and make your life easier. With this function you no longer have to go to product pages to gather data to download.
  • Where do I find out more? Log in to your account. The Product Basket is available from your profile page (Welcome page) at the bottom of the page.Click on “Product Baskets & PDF Search Guide” for step-by-step instructions.

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For those visitors using the website for product information, it will aid you in gathering, collecting and storing whatever you need. As the product basket takes information directly from the website, all you have to do to make sure you have the most up-to-date information is to download a new copy from your collection.

Worth remembering – Partial Product number search!
It may happen, while searching for a product, that you don’t remember the full product item number. Here, the search engine in the product basket can come to your aid. Regardless of which part of the item number you remember, be it the first 4, the middle or last digits, the search engine will return results. What isn’t found isn’t published. You can also search by title and description.

Personal Bookmarks

Personal bookmarks are a new set of functions that now makes it possible to bookmark pages such as products, solutions and news. A bookmark manager is available on the user profile page. To add a bookmark simply go to a product page, a solution or news page, then click add to bookmark. You’ll either find these in (Products) on the left side box, or for other pages at the bottom of the page.  Bookmarks are then stored in the new personal user profile view.

This view also keeps track of any changes or modifications made to the pages you’ve bookmarked. Thereby allowing you to quickly see updated information.

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