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Pulse system

Is embedded processing power in the device itself "the new cloud" for the Intercom business?

Traditional methods in the past required a business to invest heavily in a centralized server controlling hundreds of stations. This creates a gap between small business and global enterprise solutions

“By embedding processing power in the device, PULSE Enterprise removes the need for a centralized server, creating an intercom system that is unlike anything seen on the market today”, said Jim Hoffpauir, Global SVP & GM Security & Safety for Zenitel. “We are responding to the need from IT and security to provide a robust and scalable communication platform.”

Extremely scalable, users now have a sophisticated audio server solution that can network up to 1,800 stations with survivability between connected systems. If capability is lost within one system cluster, the processing power will remain at the other connected clusters.

“Security executives are given relief as they can ill-afford stand-alone products,” said Hoffpauir. “Solutions must optimize the budget and be efficient in the time-to-value of every actionable response. PULSE Enterprise not only delivers HD quality audio with active noise and echo cancellation, it also works as an interoperable solution within an organization’s current technology architecture, such as access control, video surveillance, guard radios, digital signage, and messaging solutions.”

Hoffpauir also provided insights from a national survey regarding the unique needs of the security integrator. “Processing power, scalability, audio integrity and interoperability are all top of mind. PULSE Enterprise allows integrators a way to provide a solution that can scale with the needs of their clients.

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