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Exigo system officially approved by DNV

After extensive testing and reviews, our Exigo system has officially passed DNV’s strict regulations for type approval of Public Address and General Alarm systems.

Ole Erling Rosseland, Development Manager said, «we have now received official type approval from DNV, for our Vingtor-Stentofon Exigo PA/GA system, covering all products in the Exigo portfolio. In addition, we have also received an updated type approval for the existing Vingtor-Stentofon ACM system».

To achieve this certification our systems have been put through an extensive set of EMC- and environmental tests.

Other criterias include:

  • Performance testing
  • Survey of our organizations ability to build and deliver Exigo systems
  • System documentation

Turbine range included in certification process

Product Manager Tom-Andre Tarlebo added, «In addition to existing items approved for PA/GA, new items for the ACM certificate also include all existing Turbine intercoms. Both analog and IP».

This means that the following items from the Intercom portfolio are certified as well:

  •  Turbine Compact IP (TCIS-x)
  •  Turbine Compact Analogue (TCAS-x)
  •  Turbine Industrial (TFIE-x) - coming soon
  •  Turbine EX (TFIX-x) - coming soon
  •  Turbine Relay board (TA-10) - coming soon
  •  Accessories for Turbine Industrial (TA-2x) - coming soon
  •  Accessories for Turbine EX (TAX-x) - coming soon

A result of great team work

«This would not have been possible without great collaboration between departments in Zenitel, and has involved people from Product, R&D, Technical documentation, QA, Project and Service/Test teams. I send a huge thank you to all the people involved in this process», Rosseland said.

Segment: Maritime, Newbuildings, Retrofit