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Frame agreement for 175 schools signed in Norway

Zenitel and Vingtor-Stentofon Partner Ascom recently signed a frame agreement for the delivery of Vingtor-Stentofon Intercom solutions to 175 schools in Oslo.

As a result 2500 teachers and 80.000 students in Oslo could potentially benefit from the improved safety and security that the Vingtor-Stentofon calling system provides. The total amount of schools to have the system installed is yet to be decided.

First comissioning complete

Hellerud High School already has the system installed.

– With reliable and fast two-way communication between classrooms, community rooms, study rooms, auditoriums and outside areas, we can communicate fast and efficient when there’s a situation developing, said Jan Egil Omholt, teacher at Hellerud High School, in a press release from Ascom Norway.

Hellerud High School is one of the first schools to start using the new VoIP Intercom system.

Improved communication provides a safer school day

Mr. Omholt is also responsible for the schools economy. When Hellerud High School where looking for a system for two way communication, quality – including sound quality, was key.
Easy communication – one to one, to a group or everyone.

Live and prerecorded distribution of messages

The system enables distribution of messages live and prerecorded to the entire school or parts of the schools. An example could be to a single classroom or everyone in the school yard, depending on the situation. The system is based on instant two-way communication.

Easy to operate

This means that the principal or the administration can talk to a teacher or students and vice versa. The system is easy to operate. Just press a button and you have a direct line between teacher and administration. It is also possible to open the line to listen and talk to a class room in case of emergency, without the need for someone answering the call in the other end to start a conversation.

– This system will provide safety for everyone and the possibility to exercise our responsibility we have towards students and employees in an emergency situation, Jan Egil Omholt concluded.


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