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Global customer care at Zenitel

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One of the reasons we are able to secure new customers and maintain such a high level of Customer Satisfaction is through our service philosophy and presence. We offer robust coverage that resolves 90% of issues in 6 hours or less.  

ACCOUNTABILITY is one of the core values of Zenitel, meaning that we follow through on our commitments. By providing continuous 24/7 support around the world we ensure optimal performance of your communication system at all times.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Below, we have compiled answers to some of the most frequently asked questions to our support department. For more information on these or any other questions you might have, please contact us, refer to our online resources such as Alphawiki and Exigowiki or join one of our training classes.

Q1. What is the bandwidth requirement when using an AlphaCom system?
A station that is active in a conversation uses approx. 100 kbps. There can be up to 32 simultaneous calls, so the maximum bandwidth usage is 64 x 100 kbps = 6.4 Mbps.

Q2. How can I find the IP address of an IP loudspeaker?
● You can use the Intercom Management Tool (IMT) to scan the network
● You can remove the back cover and connect a push button to input 1 of the Turbine kit inside. When you push on the button, the loudspeaker will speak its IP address

Q3. Does your IP Station support network authentication?
Yes, all our IP Stations support authentication via 802.1x

Q4. Can you mix analog and IP Stations in an AlphaCom server?
Yes, in all servers except the XE1, which is IP only

Q5. What is special with physical number 5 and 6 in an AlphaCom XE7?
They are by default used for Audio Program inputs

Q6. In AlphaCom, what is the default IP Address of the ethernet port 0?

Q7. What are the default credentials to log on to the AlphaCom web interface (AlphaWeb)?
Username: admin. Password: alphaadmin

Q8. How can you ensure that the real time clock in AlphaCom is always 100% accurate?
Synchronize the AlphaCom with a NTP server

Q9. Can AlphaPro run on Windows 10?

Q10. How many DAK 48 panels can you attach to an IP Flush Master station?
Two DAK 48 panels

Q11. What is the default IP address of an IP Station when it is set to use static IP address?
IP address

Submit your request online

You can also submit your request for SuSubmit your request - picturepport, Service and Spare Parts online. Our experienced Technical Engineers are on hand to answer questions and provide support regarding your Vingtor-Stentofon communication system delivered by Zenitel.

We can also coordinate and handle service assistance with our in-house expertise and a worldwide network of skilled technical personnel and service engineers. In addition, we offer a wide range of spare parts for our different communication systems for up to ten years after you purchase your system.


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