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Growing up with Vingtor-Stentofon

Aksel Endre Ellefsen, senior software engineer literally got in touch with Vingtor-Stentofon at an early age, earlier than most people we dare say. As his Grandfather worked for DNH (The Norwegian Speaker Factory) sound has always played an important role in the family. Aksel’s father played in the pop/rock band Gerhardt Kvartett and chose Vingtor-Stentofon as PA when playing gigs.

At the age of five Aksel got his first record player, amplifier and speakers. His interest for music and sound stayed with him during the teenage years playing records as a DJ and the sound guy at his high school’s yearly comedy show.

After following in his fathers’ footsteps in the entertainment business, his studies after high school would once again draw him closer to his beloved grandfathers’ passion for sound engineering.

He went on to pursuit a career working with sound as he started studying to become an engineer in Oslo, Norway.

He then started working in what is now Zenitel in 1996 when he got a job in Philips.

And as far as the future we wouldn’t be surprised if his daughter ends up in Zenitel as well.

- I have already taught her some basic functionality on the Alphacom. For example she knows how to use the recall function with ease, says Ellefsen.

Aksel plays a central part combining his work as a software engineer with on-site customer service assignments. Who knows, next time you need a new feature installed on your Vingtor-Stentofon system – Aksel might be the man fixing the configuration for you.