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Half year results 2010

Zenitel reports turnover of continuing business of € 34,3 million, in line with last year.
Recurrent EBITDA of continuing business is € 1,9 million, compared to € 2,7 million last year. However, 2010 operating expenses are negatively impacted with € 0,7 million due to currency conversion impacts EUR/NOK.
Recurrent EBIT of continuing business is a loss of € 0,3 million compared to a loss of € 0,5 million last year.
A net loss of € 0,9 million is reported compared to a net loss of € 4,9 million in the first half of 2009. The 2010 net result was impacted by € 1,1 million non recurrent charges relating to the increase of provisions for risk and liabilities for old projects in the divested System Integration business.

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