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How Important is Product Integration?

When people work together for a common goal, often, things can be achieved for a greater good. Working together can mean the difference between significant change and more opportunities, versus standing alone and not making forward progress.

The same can be said for security products and solutions that together, can allow security teams to mitigate risk better and faster than before.

At Zenitel, we have a number of integration partnerships that help to push our product innovations further and continue to allow people to hear, be heard, and be understood, in every situation.  

We make it as easy as possible to integrate our solutions with products from leading, third-party access control, video management, and other providers. Through these integrations, we ensure that Zenitel's wide range of audio solutions will fit seamlessly into any project.

It's also easy to integrate our products via SIP and ONVIF, and we use open source code to ensure that Zenitel products will fit seamlessly into any security system.

Our integration partners build extensions to our company’s product platform. And vice versa. Together, we capitalize on the investment we have already made in our respective solutions. Better Together.

At Zenitel, we are better together through our product integrations with access control and video surveillance partners. Learn more about our technology partners and our product integrations here.

For a complete overview of the integrations that Zenitel offers, visit the Software Integrations page or the Zenitel wiki.

Segment: Building Security, Government, Healthcare, City Protection & Public Safety, Education, Commercial & Corporate, Detention, Finance, Transportation, Parking, Airports, Newbuildings
Location: US

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