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Bringing intelligible audio and integratability to Industrikonferansen Grenland - picture

Intelligible audio from Zenitel at Industrikonferansen Grenland

Industrikonferansen Grenland    provided a new opportunity for Zenitel to meet with end users from various Norwegian industrial companies and to show them how our IP intercom and communication equipment has been specifically designed to deliver intelligible audio, even in  demanding industrial environments.

Intelligible audio and integratibility for industrial use

We shared a stand with NOKAS Teknikk Sør, one of the largest system integrators in Norway, who were displaying their Building Management System, NIS. Zenitel Area Sales Manager Kjell Magne Lauritzen demonstrated our Vingtor-Stentofon PULSE SIP Intercom System and Turbine IP Intercom Stations, showing how they can integrate seamlessly into the NIS system or function as a small, separate system ideal for any industrial environment.

Says Lauritzen, “We had customers coming over to see how they could use intelligible audio in demanding industrial environments. We also saw great interest in how to integrate radio in our intercom system, making it possible to unify their communication systems into one package.”

A new initiative for innovation and jobs

Industrikonferansen Grenland was hosted by IndustriClusteret Grenland (ICG), whose aim is to contribute to increased value creation and the creation of new jobs in the Grenland region of Norway. ICG seeks to put industrial policy issues on the Norwegian Parliament’s agenda, working strategically to attract new projects and market opportunities, while also improving the ability to compete in an international market.

Segment: Industrial, Manufacturing & Process, Petrochemical, Metals, Minerals & Mining, Chemical & Pharmaceutical, Energy
Location: Norway

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